Geo-economic risks & opportunities 
"Build together a global strategy with tailor-made solutions, to allow the development of your business and your projects in secure conditions"

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Prevention and protection


The integration of security in your project’s strategy results in the implementation of a suitable management system.

GLOBALEA Consulting intervenes in the earliest stage of your project to design a Security Management System from a risk analysis and to design a master plan adapted to the different phases of your project.


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A global approach, tailor-made solutions

GLOBALEA Consulting advises and assists you to reduce risk exposure and to protect what is the value of your project.

According to a global approach, all the elements which are the core value of your company and your project are taken into account in the overall risk analysis: people, goods and facilities, information and reputation.

A set of measures adapted to your stakes and combined between them, will allow you to prevent the consequences of a serious incident and to protect your whole property (material and immaterial) from malicious acts.