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2014 - Ethics & Compliance / ICoC

A private company signatory of the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers shall have process and framework to be in line with the international standards and the principles contained in the International Code of Conduct (ICoC).

The main objectives are:

  •  Ensure the respect for the ICoC and the implementation of the international standards;
  •  Reinforce the good corporate governance and the internal control;
  •  Improve the control of the documentation and of the confidentiality;
  •  Initiate a change management policy by the design of a proper Code of Conduct and of a training program dedicated to the Security Personnel.

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2014 - Protection of Information & International Mobility

GLOBALEA Consulting performed a training in "Protection of Information & International Mobility" for the benefit of a French company which exports in more of 80 countries and which has offices and plants in 15 countries.

The objectives of the training were:

  • To make sensitive the personnel in the protection of information and in what to do during business travels.
  • To develop a Security culture to reduce the risks exposure.
  • To implement the best practice to protect the personnel, the assets and the reputation of the company.

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Second semester 2013

Frederic Frachon, founder of GLOBALEA Consulting, wrote an article on security in project management in AFITEP Newsletter, "Security: People and Assets to be protected" (La Sûreté : des hommes et des actifs à protéger).

For this article (available in French language), please refer to number N°121 of La Cible, pages 26 to 30.